Octavio Esteban Reyes - Ocumicho Michoacan

Octavio is an indigenous Purépecha and has been an artist since the age of 12 in his hometown of Ocumicho, Michoacán.

His parents trained him in the techniques and traditions of his region.

He creates masks, dragons, and demons made of clay in the traditional Ocumicho technique of shaping figures by hand, which are fired and then painted using brushes made from human hair.

The devils or “diablitos” are used mainly around Christmas and Holy Week in dances and celebrations.

The community of Octavio depends on their art for their primary source of income as they have done for generations.


Octavio Esteban Reyes - Ocumicho Clay - Black Car - Carrito Negro con Dientes
Octavio Esteban Reyes - Ocumicho Clay - Turkey With Little Devil - Guajolote Con Diablito
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