Hilario Alejos Madrigal

The shiny green of the pineapple pottery from Michoacán will grab your attention first, and then you will note the detailed work in the spiky leaves on top and scaly texture that finishes the surface. These wonderful and unusual pieces of pottery attract many collectors, and turned Hilario Alejos Madrigal in one of the masters of this traditional folk art.

Hilario learned the art at 15 from his mother, Elsa Madrigal Martínez. He became as famous for his work as his mother, and is now teaching four of his children. The production of the ornamental pineapples, punchbowls, candelabras and other items demands elaborate appliqué and openwork, using great skills and talent.

Hilario and his family live in Michoacán, where local men help him extract clay from a nearby deposit. The clay is placed in sacks and brought to the village where he cleans, grinds, and sifts the material, then wets it and forms it into disks. He then builds each piece, adds his appliqués, and starts the drying process. After each piece has finished drying in the sun, it is glazed after the first firing, and completed with an additional firing at 900° C.


Hilario Alejos Madrigal - Pineapple With Base Green Large - Piña Con Base Grande Verde
Hilario Alejos Madrigal - Biznaga Comanja Large in Blue - Biznaga Comanja Grande en Azul
Hilario Alejos Madrigal - Candelabra 3 Candles Blue - Candelabro 3 Velas Azul
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Hilario Alejos Madrigal - Pair of Candelabras 3 Candles Green - Par de Candelabros 3 Velas Verde
Hilario Alejos Madrigal - Pineapple Yeso Two Color - Pina De Yeso Bi-color
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