Agustin Cruz Prudencio

Agustín’s skilled woodcarvings have won him various awards in his home state of Oaxaca and nationally.

His work carries on a centuries-old tradition of giving a baby a small carving of their spirit protector.

For hundreds of years, woodcarvings of nativity scenes, virgins, saints, and other religious images have held a significant role in daily and spiritual life for the people of Oaxaca.

Agustín learned the skill at a young age by watching his father carve.

Agustín’s wife, Carmen Sosa Ojeda, is an excellent painter and collaborates with him to create innovative, intricately-painted wood carvings.


Agustin Cruz Prudencio - Traditional Nativity Scene Large - Nacimiento Tradicional Grande
Agustin Cruz Prudencio - Wild Boar Mom and Baby - Mamá e Hijo Javalis
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