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About our site

Quaucalli - Santa Fe started as a local business to help artists from Mexico and all over the world to promote and distribute their work in our 2 stores, the 2 stores are colsed now due to the economy, however the goal of helping artist remains and we will continue as far as we can because we understand that most of the artisans in Mexico and some other countries have no access to mass marketing or have very poor or no knowledge of how to distribute their products in the USA, we are dedicated to help them not only to distribute their work but to encourage them to expand their frontiers and make a presence for themselves in the International Folk Art Market and other markets in the US and.

We also make sure the artisans receive a fair payment for their work by helping them in several areas, as an example to calculate production and shipping costs for their work, shipping and handling costs, etc., we also provide some financial aid for the artisans when they need it.

Thank you for your support.

Quaucalli - Santa Fe